Wild Krampuses Beating People in the Streets Actually Sounds Like Something I’d Want to Be Apart Of

Wild Krampuses Beating People in the Streets Actually Sounds Like Something I'd Want to Be Apart Of

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As you guys know about me by now, I am into some weird shit. When this clip of some people dressed up as Krampus and running around the street smacking people with switches came across my feed, I was instantly enamored. I had to know more about what was happening here. Watch for yourself as these demons are running through the streets causing complete and utter chaos.

I know most people seem to think this is terrifying, and yeah, it probably is. But, there’s apart of me that also thinks this would be a total adrenaline rush to be apart of. Let’s just say these innocent civilians had no idea it was coming (I think this was from some parade that maybe things got out of hand for?). It would have to hit harder than any drug to look up and seeing a Krampus running at you with a stick. It’s the ultimate test of fight or flight and for the people in this little clip, it sure seems like flight. But, if the instinct is fight, man, you’re going to get the opportunity to really tee off on some costumed freaks.

As for the Krampuses themselves, this is seriously concerning. It’s like the Stanford prison experiment. These people put on these costumes and became the horned anthropomorphic goat. Talk about method acting, those damn sticks hitting those people sounded like gunshots going off. I don’t want to pass judgment on anyone, but I think these people might need the help of a professional.

Man, as a quick aside, it’s a tough scene for anyone trying to get actual information in the replies of a tweet on Elon Musk’s Twitter. I’m scrolling through trying to figure out what’s actually happening in the clip, and all it is is spam bots and stupid viral video accounts sharing unrelated stuff. But, go on, tell me about how awesome that app still is. SMDH.

If you want more fun Krampus content on SoBros Network, you’d better believe we have an episode of Phone It In from December of 2021 on which Rooster and I break down the legend of Krampus.

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