The Five Most Underrated Yankee Candle Spring Fragrances

Stoney Keeley lists five Yankee Candle spring fragrances that he thinks should get more love from the candle-burning community.

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I’ve already counted down my top 10 Yankee Candle spring fragrances. This year, I want to take a different approach and help you guys find some hidden gems throughout the Yankee Candle pantheon. With St. Patrick’s Day still in our rearview mirror, the unofficial official launch of spring is underway and it’s time we all get our candle games on point. I went to Yankee and stocked up this past weekend. You should too! I’m going to highlight some of what I think are the most underrated spring fragrances in Yankee Candle’s catalog.

I’m not sure any of these are in regular production, so you might have to go the eBay route to find ’em. But, I’d say they’re worth it. Or, hell…go take a look at the ‘Returning Favorites’ section of your local Yankee Candle. I was just in mine out here in Mount Juliet and noticed a crop of Beautiful Days that even had the old classic branding on ’em from the mid-2000s. Classic stuff!

Yankee Candle’s 5 Most Underrated Spring Scents

5. Plumeria – That 2009 spring line definitely belongs in the Yankee Candle Hall of Fame. It may, and folks, I do not say this lightly, be the greatest Yankee Candle line of all time. I don’t even know what the fuck a Plumeria is, but I know this fragrance is one of my favorite spring candles of all time, and it was wrongfully cast in the shadows of Garden Sweet Pea and Cherry Blossom. Any other year, and this candle was likely the main eventer.

4. Beautiful Day – I always thought Beautiful Day kind of got lost in the spring shuffle. It didn’t smell like any one spring fragrance…instead, it was like a multitude of fresh and floral fragrances in one candle. Maybe that’s why it didn’t catch on and it’s so hard to find in the Returning Favorites section – Beautiful Day, as underrated as I thought it was, might’ve just had an identity problem.

3. Alfresco Afternoon full review – It is officially Patio SZN, and how Yankee was able to capture the essence of getting drunk on a patio outside somewhere is beyond me, but they did. There’s a wave of the fresh outdoors in this candle, with a follow-up of fruity cocktail, and folks, it is tightening my JNCOs if you know what I mean.

2. Sweet Honeysuckle – No candle combines the floral notes of springtime with sweetness the way Sweet Honeysuckle does. Maybe it’s just a southern thing, but I grew up smelling honeysuckles in the spring because they bloomed like crazy in the woods I always played in. Maybe there’s some nostalgia involved with my opinion here, but I don’t care. Honeysuckle is nature’s greatest fragrance, and Yankee nailed it.

1. Fresh Mint – The sweet, floral, and fresh stuff goes absolutely crazy this time of year. I won’t fault anyone for enjoying that, but if you guys aren’t familiar with my stuff just yet, then allow me to share this nugget with you guys: outside-the-box fragrances make me rock hard. Fresh Mint is just that – it hits the right notes between fresh and natural, but the mint scent gives it a unique flare that differentiates it from all the flower fragrances. I love it, and beg more of you to give it a shot. It’s the perfect transition candle between spring and summer too because it has elements that I like in both seasons. This is a severely underrated and versatile candle.

Check out the Yankee Candle archives here on SoBros Network for my extensive backlog of Yankee Candle reviews! Also, be sure to check out my comprehensive list of the top 100 Yankee Candle fragrances of all time. I worked on that thing for forever, so any read is appreciated, thank you. That is all.

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