Podcast: Phone It In on Missing 411

In case you missed it, Ryan joined Rooster and Stoney to talk Missing 411 on the latest episode of Phone It In!

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Every now and then, we here on Phone It In decide to take on a big topic that can sprawl out in a hundred different directions. Normally, we try to keep the discussions succinct as a way to introduce our audience to the rabbit hole these topics bring with ’em. This time, we indulged ourselves and went long on a topic that deserves it. We’re talking about the series of mysterious disappearances in national parks known as ‘Missing 411.’ The road trip season is warming up and folks will undoubtedly be wanting to hit the road now that Memorial Day has passed and the summer time is (un)officially underway. If nothing else, let this show serve as a reminder to keep your wits about you if you’re heading into the parks this summer. To help break this topic down, Rooster and I brought on our very own outdoors enthusiast, Ryan. The three of us team up to talk about some of the wilder Missing 411 stories and offer up our on thoughts on what could have possibly happened.

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