Me and the Boys Firing up the Carpool This Summer

If you're looking for a way to cool off this summer, why not try the literal carpool?

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It’s times like these I’m reminded of the wisdom of Rob Thomas. In 1999’s “Smooth,” featuring Carlos Santana, the fabled poet stated, “man, it’s a hot one.” I don’t know in which part of the world you’re reading SoBros Network today, but I can speak for middle Tennessee when I say “holy shit it’s been hot.” Listen – I’m 11 days away from being 38 years old. I’ve lived my whole life in the Nashville area. I know good and damn well that it gets hot in the summertime. But, I don’t remember it getting this hot early in the season. I’ve always enjoyed the early summer – that grace period from May through the middle of June when it’s hot, but not so hot that the nights are steamy. I like that early summer when it still cools off at night. We don’t usually get this kind of heat until July, just before things dry out and become a desert in August.

Maybe that is a sure sign of climate change, the world warming up, and all of that stuff. But, shit – that doesn’t help me cool off! Until humans can evolve to have hardened skin that can withstand the blistering impact of the sun, we’re shit out of luck. By the way, that’s my working theory on the next evolution of humans – we’re all eventually going to look like rock people because the heat. Book it. Thankfully, there’s the internet. Every now and then, it comes in handy, and scrolling past some dudes that turned their car into a literal pool inspired me with a potential solution to this heat problem.

Ingenius. Brilliant. Dare I say….brave. Who would have thought that all you need to turn your car into a literal pool of water is a tarp? What could possibly go wrong?!?!

Personally, I think riding around in the backseat of a car full of water sounds awfully relaxing. I’m imagining cruising down the strip in Pigeon Forge, breeze blowing through my air, the Smoky Mountains in the distance, and my taint good and cool. All is right with the world. I am at peace, and I could die restfully in that moment. Now, I don’t know how on Earth you get rid of the water without making a mess. Maybe you just have to stay in the car while one of your friends scoops the water out with a bucket. When it gets low enough, you’re probably safe to just pull the tarp on out of there. Also, be wary of anything that might poke a hole in the tarp because that could also be problematic. Hope this helps!

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