Poetry: Chicken for Dinner

'Chicken for Dinner,' a poem about appreciating the act of taking out the trash late at night by Stoney Keeley.

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I got into bed after doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. 10PM. 
As I wrapped the blanket around my shoulders, she nudged me. 
“Did you take out the trash?” I didn’t. 
“We had chicken for dinner – you know the trash will be rancid tomorrow if you don’t take it out tonight.” 

Did I care about the house smelling a little funky in the morning? No. 
The blankets called to me, and I knew I’d sleep peacefully as soon as my head hit the pillow. 
But, did I want to start a fight with my wife at 10PM on a work night? Also no. 
“Soon, my love,” I whispered to the blanket as my wife asked me what the fuck was wrong with me. 

I cinched up the trash bag, getting a whiff of the last three days worth of garbage in the process. 
I’ll admit that it was pretty bad. 
But, there was also a morbid curiosity within me that made me wonder what it would’ve smelled like in 24 hours time. 

Stepping out the back door in the calm of the night was like stepping into a different world. 
We get so busy that we lose sight of the little moments like this. 
The tranquility of dew resting on blades of grass.
The quiet of a sleeping world. 

Light pierced the night sky in speckled dots across the cosmos. 
The wind blew gently, and if not for that, I might’ve thought the Earth itself was sleeping.
I caught myself pausing, glaring at the stars.
Appreciating the stillness of life itself.

It’ll all be over with a lid slamming shut.
Back to the routine. Back to reality.
But I want to live in these little moments, and I want to not take that which I behold for granted. 
I guess I’ll just have to cook more chicken. 

Stoney Keeley is the Editor in Chief of The SoBros Network, and a Dogs Playing Poker on velvet connoisseur. He is a strong supporter of Team GSD, #BeBetter, and ‘Minds right, asses tight.’ “Big Natural” covers the Tennessee Titans, Nashville, Yankee Candle, and a whole wealth of nonsense. Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley.

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