The Lonely Movie Journal, June 2024

The Lonely Movie Journal features eight random rapid fire movie reviews from Stoney Keeley.

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With my wife out of town for all of last week, my usual feeling of “don’t really want to leave the house” was amplified by a million. But, in a shocking turn of events, it can actually get pretty lonely when you don’t do much other than work inside the same four walls every day. What did I do to pass the time? Well, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on some movies. Was there any rhyme or reason to it? Nope. Just went in and picked stuff that intrigued me. I thought I’d bring that same random energy to this piece. Here are my quick thoughts on eight random ass movies that I watched for the first time last week because I was going insane alone in my house.

The Lonely Movie Journal, June 2024

Godzilla Minus One – If y’all don’t know this about me by now, I have to fight the urge to be a contrarian by nature. People hype something up, and my natural inclination is to say, “no way it can be that good.” But, real recognize real…Godzilla Minus One lived up to the hype. They made a Godzilla movie that has a human story that pulls at you without sacrificing just how badass that big giant monster really is.

Swiss Army Man – Does Paul Dano ever miss?!?! My goodness – what a quirky and fun movie. I laughed, laughed some more, and all the while felt this uncomfortable knot in my stomach caused by just how fuckin’ weird this film is.

Molly’s Game – Can’t help but love it when a good, simple story comes together with fantastic performances. Jessica Chastain was awesome with this, and Idris Elba added a little gas to the flames. The chemistry between those two, along with strong supporting roles from Kevin Costner and Michael Cera, made for a tense film I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

Dark Waters – Mark Ruffalo is one of the more underrated actors in the game today, and if anyone says otherwise, I’d tell ’em to fire this one up. What an awesome dramatic performance. Anne Hathaway certainly doesn’t detract from the movie either.

Lars and the Real Girl – Our resident film critic, Brandon Vick, and I recently did an episode of The Vick’s Flicks Podcast on the filmography of Ryan Gosling. That show made me want to go back and catch some of the Gosling films that slipped through the cracks for me. This was one of them. I was blown away by the heart of this movie. It has its funny moments, but the story about a community coming together to help one of their own really stuck with me. One of the best I’ve seen this year so far.

The Bling Ring – I’m not kidding when I say I’ve started this movie five different times this year. I just haven’t been able to get into it. I have no problem with a slow-paced movie, and some of the scenes were pretty cool-looking, but man. It was boring.

Cruel Intentions – Who had the idea for this movie and why did they make it so damn horny? I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie that had such a flimsy, uninteresting plot with such campy acting. I mean, come on…why did this film ever have a following? Oh…right…because of the horny. That’s about it.

Snake Eyes – Peak 90s entertainment right here. A winding plot that twists and turns set ablaze by the charisma of Nicolas Cage. This was as fun as its reputation led me to believe it would be.

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