Wrapping Up The Unofficial Titans Podcast’s Offseason Content, 2024

Another season of 'Offseason Content' on The Unofficial Titans Podcast has concluded - here's what you might've missed!

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Well, it didn’t necessarily go the way I initially planned, but we have another season of Offseason Content in the books here on The Unofficial Titans Podcast. Every summer, I like to record a series of evergreen episodes digging into Titans history and exploring topics that won’t get the shine they deserve when meaningful football is going down. It’s the slow time of the year, and full disclosure, it gives me an opportunity to take a few weeks off when I can get a few episodes in the can and release ’em slowly over the course of the summer.

Nonetheless, I didn’t time my plan that well this year. I went a little late into the year because of the draft, and then I didn’t realize that training camp starts on July 23rd. I have two preview episodes to record and then we’ll be back to meaningful football! So, instead of the usual six, this year’s run only went four episodes. But, in my opinion, these are four high quality ‘sodes. Check out what you might’ve missed before we start looking ahead to 2024.

  • The Titans-Jags Rivalry Apple Podcasts – I like to kick off every season of offseason content with a look back at a certain rivalry that the Titans find themselves in. So far, we’ve knocked out the Bills and the Ravens. It was time to add a divisional foe to the catalog, and given how each of the last two seasons have ended, it was the perfect time for Owen and me to talk about the Jags.
  • Get to Know James Foster Apple Podcasts – James is one of the best and most thorough analysts in the game right now. I wanted to highlight his talent and get into his story about how he got into breaking down game film and what ultimately led him to one of the best YouTube channels going today.
  • The Career of LenDale White Apple Podcasts – If you were a fan of our Jake Locker pod, you’re going to love Zach and I running it back for LenDale White. To me, he’s one of the most underrated Titans of the last 20 years and he’s worth celebrating.
  • An Homage to Nissan Stadium Apple Podcasts – They’re already breaking ground on the new Nissan Stadium, and fans won’t be able to tailgate the same way ever again. Owen and I took the opportunity to look back at the heyday of The Colosseum and relive some of our favorite moments from the venue.

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