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Movie Review Rewind: Killer Joe (2011)

Brandon Vick flips the calendar back to 2011 for a look at William Friedkin’s Killer Joe on this edition of Movie Review Rewind.


Scrapper, Movie Review

Scrapper is now playing in select cities and at The Belcourt Theatre here in Nashville on Friday!


Gran Turismo, Movie Review

Gran Turismo is a “surprising crowd-pleaser” – check out Brandon Vick’s full review here!


Movie Review: Til Death Do Us Part

“Til Death Do US Part is a thrill ride that would be a blast to see with a rowdy crowd in a dark theater…”


Past Lives, Movie Review

Playing in select cities and at The Belcourt this week, nationwide on 6/23, “Past Lives is a real rarity in how beautifully it presents love in all of its suffering and splendor…”


Carmen, Movie Review

“There’s a fieriness in Carmen that appears easy to capture but somehow is extinguished through creative distractions…”