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M3GAN, Movie Review

M3GAN had a nice weekend at the box office. Find out what our own Brandon Vick thought of the flick in his review here!


Violent Night, Movie Review

Violent Night is “spreading holiday cheer in a bash’em, smash’em style that’s a riot to watch.”


Movie Review: The Retaliators

“The revenge based horror thriller can rest knowing that it has cemented its place with some of the other great horror films of the year.”


Ticket to Paradise, Movie Review

“These two old pros are as natural as can be with each other, which is precisely why audiences will eat it up.”


Movie Review Rewind: Rampage (2018)

Brandon Vick flips the calendar back to 2018 for a look at some Dwayne Johnson action in Rampage on Movie Review Rewind.


Resurrection, Movie Review

Resurrection is “…instantly intriguing, deeply disturbing, and frustratingly obscure.” | Brandon Vick’s full review is here!