The Eight Finalists for 2017 SoBro of the Year: VOTE NOW!

Over the weekend, the SoBros team got together, took the initial list of 16 finalists for Tom Arnold SoBro of the Year, and whittled that list down to eight. In case you don’t remember what [...]

An Official Case Study on Paul Heggen’s Sex Appeal

Parameter Let’s establish a quick timeline of events before we dive into my research here today: Late 2013 – I make up my mind that I am a “Paul Heggen guy,” and decide to [...]

The Finalists for 2017 SoBro of the Year

Folks, it is that time of the year again. It’s time for us…how many of us are there? 17…holy shit, we have 17 writers now?!?! When we first handed out this award in 2013, we had [...]