Podcast: Centralia, the Town That Has Been Burning Underground Since 1962

Stoney and Rooster dive into the history of Centralia, Pennsylvania on the latest episode of Phone It In.

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One of the several reasons I love Phone It In is because every now and then, Rooster brings a podcast subject to the table that I haven’t even heard of. So, not only do we get to have a fun little show about, but I’m actually learning something in the process. Who would’ve thought? SoBros Network – out here enriching lives and sharpening intellect. One such case occurred the last time we recorded the show – episode 20 – on Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Centralia? What’s that?” – Rooster proceeded to tell me that Centralia has been burning underground since 1962. That’s right – a fire started in the old coal mine under the borough. The exact cause, or more appropriately phrased, who is responsible, is still up for debate. But, it spread throughout the mines, burning and burning. It caused the air above it to become toxic, and ultimately, the town had to be abandoned. Still, some weren’t so willing to just pack up and leave. In 2013, the state finally said “fine” and allowed the seven residents left to live out their days in Centralia, but once their time was up, that property goes to the state and no one can live in that town again. Wild stuff.

If you look at photos of Centralia today, it looks like a veritable ghost town. Decades of neglect have definitely worn the town down, and it does have a creepy vibe to it. In fact, Silent Hill was loosely influenced by this coal mine fire. Honestly, in reading about the town before doing the show, I thought this episode would have a bit of a creepy tint to it. Y’know…I’m thinkin’ Chernobyl and all the lore surrounding it. But, nope – this episode quickly devolved into Rooster and I ranting about hillbillies, and me exposing myself as a burning-trash-in-the-backyard redneck and a guy that didn’t know you can alter the length of your jump rope. That’s just how we do things on Phone It In sometimes.

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