Ranking the Offensive Lines in the AFC South

Stoney ranks the offensive lines in the AFC South 1-4.

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It’s prime offseason content season. Everyone’s been talking about positional rankings, making lists, and seeing how one depth chart stacks up against another. I felt compelled to write about the AFC South’s offensive line groups after reading list after list that had the Jags near the bottom of the league with the Colts near the top and thinking, “I must be crazy.” Maybe it’s all the gin, but I can’t remember a time when I felt this disconnected from the consensus opinion when it comes to positional rankings. Usually, I can at least see a vision. But, on this one, nope. Sure can’t. That’s why I fired up the SoBros Network dot com machine to clear up how I see these units. Hopefully, I’ll be able to rest now knowing someone has finally said what I’m feeling out loud…

Ranking the Offensive Lines in the AFC South

1. Jacksonville Jaguars – This is totally predicated on health, but I’m surprised by how low everyone is on this unit. Cam Robinson and Anton Harrison look like the best tackle combination in the division to me. Harrison specifically is developing into a stud. He’s a guy I was wrong about coming out of Oklahoma. I didn’t think he’d be very good, but he was pretty good right out of the gate. If Robinson can stay healthy, they ought to hold the edges pretty well. Brandon Scherff and Mitch Morse have been stable players for years in the NFL. Ezra Cleveland is the only “meh” player on this line. I love the addition of Javon Foster in the 4th round and think he could fill in at multiple spots if needed. But, the reality is that this offensive line is an injury away from the quality of play dropping off severely.

2. Houston Texans – If we’re talking upside, I’m taking the Titans here. We’ll get to them in a second. But, we’re not talking upside here. We’re talking proven commodities and in that department, the Texans still have the Titans beat. The Texans have the second best tackle duo in the division, but they have the best single offensive tackle in the AFC South in Laremy Tunsil. The addition of Shaq Mason bolsters that right guard position, but there are questions along the interior that gives Jacksonville the edge in this conversation. For one, Kenyon Green has been a disappointment. I was super high on Green coming into his NFL Draft class, and considered him one of the safest prospects in that class. For one reason or another, it just hasn’t clicked yet for him. Texans fans will be hoping he makes the leap. Juice Scruggs showed some promise too, but he’s dealt with injuries in his young career. I’ll give the Texans the edge over the Jags when it comes to depth with solid pieces in Jarrett Patterson and the rookie Blake Fisher.

3. Tennessee Titans – I’m really taking a gamble here, but it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the JC Latham hype, and truth be told, I’ve flirted with the idea of putting the Titans at #1 in the division. If we’re talking upside, I won’t be surprised if this is the best group of the bunch by season’s end. The addition of Lloyd Cushenberry and a projected sophomore leap from Peter Skoronski under offensive line coach Bill Callahan mean this group is theoretically locked up from left tackle to center. Where I think people are sleeping on this offensive line is at right guard, where I’m rolling the dice on Saahdiq Charles not only winning the job, but playing effectively as the starter. If right tackle wasn’t a complete wild card, I’d definitely have them at #2 on this list. I’m higher on the depth for this unit than any other team in the division’s unit too.

4. Indianapolis Colts – The haters will come after me for this, but I just don’t see this unit being the dominant force it used to be. There’s a lot of projection with Bernard Raimann. I’ve never been that high on the guy, and all of this “franchise tackle” talk feels like it’s Colts fans convincing themselves he’s going to be the guy. Quenton Nelson isn’t the same dominant player he was in the past. I’m not saying he’s terrible by any means…I just think it’s time we stop calling him the best guard in football because he built the name recognition for so long. Ryan Kelly’s the best player among this group, and the right side of that line is underwhelming to me. The only depth piece they have that I really like is Matt Goncalves and the rookie has some injury concerns. We got used to the Colts having the best offensive line in football for years. That reputation is fresh in the minds of the national analysts, but this unit looks poised for a trip back down to Earth to me.

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