‘Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cat Dad’ Is the Best Content on the Internet Right Now

'Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cat Dad' is the best content going on the internet right now.

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I’ve lived a long life on the internet. I’ve been jaded by just about everything that’s come across my screen. It’s a rare occurrence when I see something that genuinely makes my heart sing these days. It’s made me so cynical about people and their motives, but man, if you can’t trust Stone Cold Steve Austin to be his authentic self on the internet, who can you trust? That’s why I’ve fallen for the ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin, cat dad’ bit so hard. It just seems like he genuinely loves his barn cats, and that tender side is a far cry from the hell raiser we saw in the WWE ring back in the day. If you haven’t already met Pancho, allow me to introduce you to him. If you have, well, what’s the harm in watching this fantastic clip one more time?

Pancho got him a haircut. I’ll be damned. I reckon it can get mighty hot down there on the range, so you gotta do what you gotta do to keep them critters cool. Pancho might’ve been mad at his haircut for a little while, but in the long run, he’ll be doin’ an awful lot cooler. You love to see a king thriving.

And, yeah – this is the one thing on the internet right now that will just stop me in my tracks. I’m sending Stone Cold Steve Austin cat dad content to my wife left and right. I just can’t believe that this is the same guy that broke into a hospital and hit Vince McMahon with a bed pan. I can’t believe this is the same guy that ruined a perfectly good Corvette by filling it with cement. This is one of history’s great hell-raisers, and yet, he’s just a loving cat dad like me. Man, this is just further proof that if you stick around on this Earth long enough, you can see just about anything.

UPDATE from Father’s Day:

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