Nashville Reviews: Nectar: Urban Cantina

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I’m not going to lie to you guys. I didn’t just make a special trip to Nectar: Urban Cantina for this review. I’ve been there more times than I can count since they opened last year. I’m not ashamed to brazenly admit that it is my favorite restaurant in Nashville right now. But, it’s an effort to get them ranked in our catalog of Nashville reviews.

Nectar actually won the award for ‘Best Spot in Nashville’ in the 2018 SoBros Network ‘Best of Nashville‘ awards, recognizing them for their all-around elite menu, great booze list, and ease of location. Hundreds of people voted, and Nectar: Urban Cantina narrowly edged out The Goat in Mount Juliet.

So, I won’t be reviewing a specific meal here. More or less, I’ll be reviewing the entire menu since I’ve basically tried everything on it. I even power ranked their entire taco menu back in September, even though they’ve since taken the portabella taco off the menu and I’m still super sad about that. Let’s start by taking a look at some of the food I’ve eaten and memories we’ve created there over the last year or so.


As Mose can tell you, those Nectar margaritas are PERFECT on a summer evening.


Food: 9.25/10 – Bar none, THE best and most original taco menu in Nashville, and it is ever-evolving. You take a look at the menu, and if that isn’t good enough, there’s usually a weekly special that’s out of this world. From the regular menu, my go-tos are the chorizo taco, the Yazoo Dos Perros Decker taco, and the cheeseburger taco. I recently checked the last taco off the current menu when I tried the ratatouille taco, and it was amazing.

If you aren’t feeling like tacos, I’d recommend a hearty burrito bowl. I add steak and avocado to mine. The sides are also splendid – whether it’s the street corn, plantains, or verde rice, you can’t go wrong. Cap things off with a lavender latte or coconut mocha from the coffee shop, and you’re set.

It really is one of the city’s best and most diverse menus.

Booze: 9/10 – Just like Nectar can boast the best taco menu in Nashville, they can also certainly boast the best margarita in Nashville. If you’re in the mood for a brew, they have your standard issue domestics in bottles and cans. But, it’s the beer tap that stands out with a selection of local crafts. As long as they feature Bearded Iris’ IPA, I’m good. And on those hot summer days when an IPA may be too heavy, you can’t go wrong with a cold damn draft Modelo. Can’t lose.

Value: 8/10 – It’s amazing to think you can get such a good meal at a reasonable rate.

I mean, I do usually spend close to $30 for a meal when I’m in there alone – but I usually get three tacos, chips and salsa, a beer, and a coffee to go for that price. Not everyone eats like a 6’2″ 280-pound man.

It’s also a great date night spot if you don’t want to venture into town. I can’t tell you how many Friday nights my girlfriend and I have spent there because we were too tired from the work week to fool with Nashville. Every time, we leave satisfied and spending about half of what we would at a good meal downtown. So, for lunch or date night, you won’t find a better value for your dollar.

Atmosphere: 7.5/10 – The lowest grade of the four criteria, and it’s just because Nectar is a kid and dog friendly establishment. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. I’m just a foul-mouthed degenerate dick joke blogger who really has to watch his mouth when he’s sitting at a crowded bar. That’s all. Otherwise, I love sitting out back in an Adirondack chair and sipping a margarita on a warm spring day.

Overall: 8.44/10 – Living in Hermitage, whether I’m stopping by for a quick lunch, heading out for a date night, or celebrating a friend’s birthday, Nectar is always the first place that comes to mind. You won’t find a more creative and delicious menu East of town, and you won’t find a better bang for your buck. It’s no wonder so many of our readers labeled this the best spot in Nashville. It’s going to be incredibly difficult for them to lose that honor in my book.


  1. Butcher & Bee (8.5/10)
  2. Nectar: Urban Cantina (8.44/10)
  3. Von Elrod’s (8.17/10)
  4. Catch 22 (Mount Juliet) (7.125/10)
  5. Corsair Brewstillery (6.67/10)

*Keep in mind, we’re just starting out. This list is only 10 deep at this point. Stay tuned as we continue to build our anthology of Nashville reviews.

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