Nashville Food Truck Power Rankings

Stoney Keeley is keeping a running list of all of his Nashville food truck reviews.

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Alright, y’all – since I started getting into the Nashville food truck scene, I decided I’d start keeping this running article going to house all of my Nashville food truck reviews. I’ve done my best to get out and about on the Nashville food scene and in the surrounding areas. Below, you’ll find links to all of the Nashville food trucks I’ve ever written about. Oh, and keep in mind, we’re a sports website that reviews a lot of completely ordinary bar food *shrugs*. LFG.

My Highest Graded Nashville Food Trucks

Mount Rushmore

The Rolling Recipe (7.67) – full review – “Take notes, aspiring food truck vendors. This is how you design a food truck menu. Decadent sandwiches built with hearty meats and cheeses, sides smothered in toppings, all cooked to perfection. I always say that a good food truck can cure any hangover, and by that logic, The Rolling Recipe might be curing cancer.”

Red’s 615 Kitchen (7/10) full review – “A solid, straight up, and well above average ‘7’ for Red’s 615 Kitchen. How a menu can be simple and diverse at the same time is impressive – even if Nashville hot chicken isn’t your thing, Red’s boasts chicken and waffles, a catfish sandwich, and a BLFGT (bacon, lettuce, fried green tomatoes) that I can’t wait to try in the future. I dare say this has become my favorite food truck in Nashville, and one of my favorite all around meals in town.”

Califarmia (6.93/10)full review – “All in all, Califarmia brings an elite meal at a solid value. One of my favorite food trucks and dining experiences in the Nashville area.”

Tennessee Tatercakes (6.85/10)full review – “The first thing I noticed right off the bat was the texture. The Mack Attack has a little bit of everything – creamy mac and cheese, the crunch of the tatercake itself, the crisp bite of a jalapeno, and then the smoothness of the potatoes inside the tatercake. I don’t know how else to describe it – you experience a lot of different things with this one. The Mack Attack is like a Major League pitcher that has an arsenal of different pitches.”

The Good

Hurt’s Hot Chicken (6.67/10)full review – “This instantly becomes our highest rated Nashville hot chicken, and deservedly so.”

Chang Noi Thai-Lao (6.65/10)full review – “If you’re craving pad Thai, this is as good of a meal as you’ll find around. The ingredients all tasted fresh, but let’s be real here – the sauce can make or break a pad Thai….this sauce is the truth.”

The Rollin’ Ribeye Guys (6.56/10)full review – “Absolutely recommend this meal for those occasions when you get a hankering for a good old fashioned ribeye sandwich. It almost feels unfair to compare this to the other food trucks I’ve written about, because if you’re like me, you know when you’re craving a steak sandwich, only a good steak sandwich will do. When you get that kind of unreasonably and hangry craving for ribeye, this sandwich is a 10/10.”

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop (6.55/10) – full review – “The best sweets spot around town, in my opinion. It’s dangerous.”

Taste of Aloha (6.51/10)full review – “I had the spam bowl (with an ice cold Dr. Pepper), and while I’d like to try some stuff from the rest of the menu, it’s hard to imagine I’m ever going to veer off course from this thing. It was fantastic. Just from the variation in texture alone, it was a pleasurable experience between the soft, fluffy rice with the crunch of the onion in it. But, the combination of flavors is what really set this dish apart. The spam supplies it with a hefty dose of saltiness, but it’s balanced out nicely by the pineapple chunks that burst with juice in every bite and the tangy sauce (that I can’t remember the name of for the life of me). The onions provide the slightest bit of bite, yet it’s all grounded in the white rice. Without the rice, I’d imagine this would be a pretty powerful, overpowering taste. But, it’s like the flavor from each ingredient spreads throughout the grains and mellows it out a bit. A fine work of craftsmanship, this dish is.”

Nashville Sandwich Society (6.37/10) full review – “I never, in a million years, would’ve thought that gator and kimchi work so well together, but they do. It’s the tang of the kimchi and the gaminess of the gator, the freshness of the lettuce, and the crunch of the perfectly toasted bun. So many different textures in this single sandwich, and that made it perfect in my book. The remoulade really tied the whole flavor together, though. It’s interesting, and I could certainly understand why this sandwich isn’t for everyone. But, I absolutely loved it.”

CHIVANADA (6.2/10) – full review – “When I say that this was a hearty meal, I mean it was H E A R T Y. But, the flavor – my goodness – I described the carne empanada to my mother as a “taco in a piece of cornbread.””

Smokin’ Buttz (6.19/10)full review – “When you want BBQ in this city, it feels like you have a million different options. I would say that what separates Smokin’ Buttz from the pack is the degree to which they smoke their meat, and how truly tender it is. I’ve had some food truck BBQ that tasted like it had been sitting for days. I’ve had some that felt like chewing on yarn it was so dry. That wasn’t the case with Smokin’ Buttz – the quality of the meat itself was on point. It was every bit as good as some of your favorite BBQ restaurants in town. The creativity of The Gut Buster, the variance of flavor on one sandwich, and how satisfying it was make it one of my favorite “stuff yourself” meals in the Music City.”

1 Spudtacular Food Truck (6.15/10) – full review – “‘The Smasher’ instantly became one of my favorite binge dishes in the city. I can see this thing hitting especially hard in the fall during football season. If you’re a fan of the potato like me, this truck does ’em right.”

Yayo’s OMG (Original Mexian Gourmet) (6.1/10) – full review – “Look – if you’re in the taco game, this is a solid, quality meal. At most taco places around town, you’re going to be dealing with a grease factor. Pack the napkins. But, to be as good as these tacos were, I noticed they didn’t make a mess at all. It was a satisfying meal, and while the shrimp and chorizo tacos were the real highlights, if you’re going to do Yayo’s OMG, you GOTTA do the churro bites.”

The Grilled Cheeserie (6.06/10) – full review – “When you have the craving for something like it, it’s the absolute best.”

Tennessee Cobbler Company (6.05/10) – full review – “If you have a sweet tooth, but want something fresh, fruity, and filling, this could be your go-to.”

The Solid

Trucks Without Scores

Keep in mind that I haven’t eaten at literally every food truck in town – this is just a running list of the ones I’ve eaten at and actually sat down to write about. Got a food truck in Nashville you think I should try out? Send ’em my way. I’m always looking for new ones to try.


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